Why Do Retailers Keep Getting Breached?

Every week it seems there is a new breach. Why do retailers keep getting breached? Anitian has identified five primary reasons why these breaches are happening. While the hackers are getting more effective, IT security teams are allowing these breaches to happen through poor operations and weak leadership.

Qualities of Successful IT Security Leaders

What makes a successful IT security leader? Intelligence, experience, integrity? With 20 years of experience working with security people, we have had the fortune to see both highly successful security programs as well as highly dysfunctional ones. The successful teams overwhelmingly have a common set of qualities, which are often common to great leaders in other positions as well.

Surviving The Next Target Breach

The infamous Target breach continues to provide insights. Leadership changes at Target demonstrate the new demands on IT security leadership. Leaders cannot hide behind hackers, technologies, or checkbox audits any longer. Breaches have real consequences, like losing your job. To confront this challange IT security leaders need to start asking hard questions of themselves and their employer.

The Fatal Flaw in IT Risk Management

The spate of high profile data breaches have, if nothing else, proven that organizations are managing risk poorly. Part of the blame for that lies in a fundamentally flawed way that companies gather risk data. With the growing use of GRC portals, there is a reliance on questionnaires and surveys to gather risk data. This approach is generating flawed data and subsequently flawed risk management.

Security Analytics Part 3: Selecting the Right Analytics Platform

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Security Analytics Part 2: An Innovation Explosion

The Security Analytics market is exploding with innovation. There are a myriad of new technologies and new ideas. In this second part of our series, we explore the technical details of the Security Analytics market and the benefits it can offer a IT enterprises.